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Why are Teak products so popular?

Why are Teak products so popular?
August 3, 2021 Mary Rodriguez

As one of the highest quality woods available, Teak proudly wears the ‘King of Woods’ title. A well-deserved one, at that. Its extraordinary characteristics made this wood a prime choice in crafting and building for centuries. In fact, the proof of Teak being used in boatbuilding dates back more than 2000 years. Now, that’s saying something! But, what makes Teak such a premiere investment? Why are its products in such high demand? How come their popularity didn’t decline for millennia? Well, that’s what we’re here to answer today. So, let’s dive right in.

To understand the head-spinning popularity of Teak products, it’s essential to know the characteristics of the wood itself. The main ones being: durability, longevity, and sheer beauty.

You’ll easily distinguish products made of teak from those made of other types of wood.

Exceptional durability

Teak is a type of close-grained hardwood, making it quite sturdy from the get-go. However, teak also boasts a high concentration of natural oils and minerals that further boost its firmness. These three traits easily make teak one of the most durable woods available.


The same traits that give teak its durability also make it virtually impervious to moisture. Protective oils and tight grain allow teak to endure the elements without rotting or warping. This is the main reason why this wood is the prime choice for boat building, garden furniture, and exterior construction. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t use it for the interior. Quite the contrary! Teak is excellent for flooring or for making sturdy and lasting furniture.


Snow, rain, extreme heat, and cold – none of these matter for things made of teak. The natural oils and minerals we mentioned make it resistant to decay more than any other wood. Even termites and other insects will give it a wide ark. So, you can freely leave your teak furniture outside and expect no damage for at least twenty years. And – that’s with no maintenance, whatsoever! But, if you use teak protection products every once in a while, you can expect your furniture to last you a lifetime. Several, even if you’re adamant about maintaining it.

Gorgeous color and texture

Teak wood ranges in color from a rich honey-gold to a warm medium-brown. Therefore, it’s a perfect addition to any home, seeing how it can fit into virtually any style. Furthermore, the color will darken and deepen over time. This results in a more rustic look that will make your home feel even warmer. Not to mention – classier.

On the flip side, when exposed to the elements, Teak develops a beautiful silvery patina. It gives the furniture a weathered look that blends perfectly into natural surroundings. Or, into a shabby-chic home, if that’s your style. Of course, you don’t have to wait for years for either of these looks to come into effect. There are many products on the market designed specifically to speed up or halt this process.

But, the best thing about Teak “transformation” is that it doesn’t sacrifice sturdiness or resilience. These alterations take place only on Teak’s surface. Inside, it remains strong and hard, ready to endure whatever you throw at it.

Teak patio furniture retains its strength and beauty despite being exposed to the elements.

Products made of Teak

To try and list all Teak products would, quite frankly, be a fool’s errand. This type of wood is widely used in many industries due to its remarkable properties. Some of them are:

• Boat and yacht building;
• Construction, both exterior and interior;
• Crafting garden and indoors furniture;
• Decoration.

In other words, Teak has found usage in every niche that uses wood as a material.


Throughout history, boat builders used Teak to create vessels that could endure the elements and the test of time. This trend continues to the present day because:

• Teak’s strength and flexibility provide exceptional structural integrity for boats and yachts;
• Moisture causes wood to warp and shrink. But Teak wood makes these diminishing factors virtually negligible due to its water resistance;
• Because it’s resistant to rot, fungi, and mildew, Teak vessels remain sound and beautiful for years. And all that with minimal maintenance!

So, if you’re looking to buy a vessel that will serve you for ages and look breathtaking, go with Teak, and you won’t go wrong.


Are you looking for furnishings that will serve you well for decades? If so, investing in Teak furniture is an excellent idea.

Due to the properties of the wood, Teak garden furniture is at the very top of its class. Both in terms of durability and longevity. Left unattended, it can last for at least a couple of decades. With minimal maintenance, you can enjoy it for 50 – 70 years. But, with regular maintenance, you can expect it to easily outlive you.

As for indoor Teak furniture, it’s even simpler. Products made of Teak will, almost without a doubt, last you a lifetime. With a bit of maintenance, even your grandchildren won’t feel the need to replace them. It’s almost certain they’ll bring it with them when moving. Just instruct them to use reputable movers, such as All Season Movers, to ensure maximum safety for their Teak furniture.


The usage of Teak in construction isn’t new. This quality wood ticks all the boxes as a construction material:

• Sturdy and durable;
• Resistant to temperature fluctuations;
• Resistant to moisture, rot, and deformation;
• Easily worked and doesn’t require a finish.

So, Teak will not only give your house the integrity it needs. But, because it’s so easy to work with, it will considerably speed up the build.

Downsides of Teak

Although Teak excels in virtually every area, it doesn’t mean it’s without flaws. Fortunately, these flaws do not impact the quality, per se.


Teak products are expensive. No two ways to go about it. This is what deters people from buying it in most cases. However, if you consider the price-to-quality ratio, it’s easy to see how this investment will pay off in the long run, mainly because it’s a once-in-a-lifetime purchase.


Teak isn’t as readily available as some other types of hardwood. Although there are plantations all over the world, Teak remains a dwindling resource. Investing in plantation Teak is the way to go.

The demand for teak far surpasses the production capacity. That’s why products made of teak are always highly cherished.


Teak makes for bulky and, more importantly, valuable furniture. If you plan on moving and bringing it with you, you’ll have to ensure its utmost safety. This is only possible if you hire reputable furniture movers to transfer your bulky teak pieces. Fortunately, this is not a major expense, considering the peace of mind you’re gaining.

Investing in Teak is a wise decision

The final question that needs answering is: “Is investing in Teak worth it?” The answer is simple: Yes – it most definitely is. Products made of teak provide a lifetime of comfort and convenience. As such, it’s wise to at least consider them before buying anything else.

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