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Top 11 Reasons to Move to Panama

Top 11 Reasons to Move to Panama
November 16, 2020 Jaye Wagner
Panama beach

Embedded between two continents and two oceans, Panama is tiny in size but big with features. Perfectly packed with geological and biological diversity, rich culture and history, a thriving economy, and a quality lifestyle – it’s a mixture of a perfect getaway and the land of opportunities. To give this place the credit it truly deserves, we give you 11 reasons to move to Panama right now and an answer to the question of why it significantly stands out among the expat destinations of the world.

1. Gorgeous Culinary Scene

Until recently, the cuisine was probably the last thing that Panama was famous for. But that has all changed with the arrival of Panamanian rich fine-dining menus comprised of dishes that blend the immigrant culture and local ingredients. However, traditional meals are not the only ones winning serious plaudits. Various American-style dishes are served in many Panama restaurants. And, when you combine the meal with a restaurant’s jaw-dropping ocean view, you get a true and undeniably beautiful sensory experience!


Woman eating in a restaurant

Enjoy both traditional and American-style cuisine in Panama.

2. Drinkable tap water

Panamanians enjoy the luxury of not having to purchase bottled water. Instead, health experts approve their drinking it unfiltered and straight from the tap. However, although tap water is generally reported as drinkable and clean in Panama, for you, as an expat, it only makes sense first to check if there are any water advisories issued.

3. Pleasant climate

For most of the year, Panama is sunny with an average temperature in the mid-70s in the mornings and mid-80s in the afternoons. However, pleasant breezes from the Pacific tone down Panama’s tropical climate to quite pleasant and comfortable, making it easy to get used to the local weather after moving here. Moreover, although there’s a rainy season from April to September, there are no hurricanes.

4. Unspoiled natural beauty

Next in the line of reasons to move to Panama is the raw beauty of its scenery and landscape that you can only explore and discover little by little. Its peculiar geography allows you to embrace the adventurous spirit by setting out to visit its stunning archipelagos made up of hundreds, some yet unexplored, islands and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. But, when you add to the mix the country’s lush cloud forests that lay in the highlands, lakes, rivers, volcanoes, mountains, and biodiversity, you find yourself living in no less than a true natural sanctuary.

Panama nature

Take the chance to explore Panama’s beautiful scenery, wildlife, and vegetation.

5. High-quality health care

The quality of health care in Panama is excellent, offering some of the most top-notch medical staff, facilities, and equipment in Latin America. Medical facilities across Panama are ample points of pride. For instance, the Punta Pacifica hospital, located in Panama City, signed an agreement with Johns Hopkins Medicine International allowing for some of the best development programs and specialty training. On top of it all, healthcare costs in Panama are much lower than in North America.

6. Thriving economy

The proof of Panama’s booming economy lies in global economic organizations praising the substantial growth this country has witnessed in less than ten years. As a direct result, Panama attracts more and more foreign investors, further promoting economic prosperity. Moreover, this increasing stability has led to increasing developments in various business segments, such as real estate, tech, banking, more accommodation, lower unemployment rate, and an influx of expatriates.

7. Affordable cost of living

Another reason why such a significant number of expats are so quick to consider relocating to Panama is its affordable cost of living – including inexpensive housing, as well as clothing, food, and housing. Although it might not be the cheapest place in Latin America, it is possible to live there comfortably on a monthly income as low as $1,995. Truth be told, even the cost of island living is not as high as many believe it to be.

Of course, much of Panama’s living costs will mostly depend on the type of lifestyle you want to lead. It also depends on whether you’ll be living in the capital or a provincial city, gated expat community, or among local residents of Panama.

8. An advantageous tax system

Panama attracts so many business professionals, investors, owners, and possibly you as well because it does not charge income taxes. Even if your income has been generated beyond Panama’s borders, you are allowed to make your profits abroad without having to pay any taxes.

9. Modern infrastructure

Panama has invested significantly and heavily in the infrastructure that it can be proud of. Due to its booming economy that we discussed above and its strategic location, this country today bears the title of a true financial hub. As a result, it has become the world’s second-largest free-trade zone.

It successfully exploited its location and developed an outstanding transportation and communication network. New roads and bridges are constantly being built, old ones restored, and current ones well-maintained. The phone service is excellent, and the internet is not only reliable but lightning-fast as well.

Gray skyscraper against the blue sky.

Panama was praised for its booming development and world-class infrastructure.

10. Getting there is easy

Just like anywhere else in the world, relocating to Panama will require some logistical planning. However, if you let professional movers assist you, you will have help you can 100% rely on to move all of your belongings from point A to point B and make sure they arrive intact. With half of this enormous burden lifted off your back, you can have some peace of mind. At that point, the only thing you need to worry about is making your arrangements to travel to Panama. Luckily, getting there is easy, so another excellent argument for relocating to Panama is great connectivity. For example, there are direct flights to Panama from Miami that are about three hours long.

11. Low crime rates

If the number one requirement on your list of priorities is safety, low crime rates in Panama (as opposed to that in its neighboring countries) will eventually be one of the reasons you decide to move there. Given its open and stable political system and small population, Panama is a very safe country. And due to the government’s strict enforcement of measures that promote safety, this country sees a continuous drop in its crime rates, which is one of the best reasons to make your move to Panama.





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