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Nicaragua is a Potential Market for Investors

Nicaragua is a Potential Market for Investors
October 8, 2015 [email protected]

The business climate in Nicaragua is suitable for the developent of local and foreign investors.

Currently Nicaragua is in a promising position for the various investment sectors that have not yet been exploited. If the business climate persists, these sectors have potential for future development.

“Nicaragua is one of the most attractive countries in the region, and I dare to say in America. Eventhough the economy is slow and needs further strengthening; various overseas medias have positioned it for many opportunities, plus we think that Nicaragua is a place to invest.” said Gonzalo Marin, EY Global Firm country coordinator specializing in audits, tax advice, transaction and financial risk analysis with a 12 year presence in Nicaragua.

Reforesting incentives

More than one hundred small and medium producers in Boaco Department were benefited by the second installment of forest incentive by running the project to support the chain of wood value by the National Forestry Institue (INAFOR), with funds from the European Union.

The first grant of forestry incentives took place on 2014 with the establishment of 997 hectares, benefiting 336 producers. While the second grant were 393 producers that got benefited from the central region of Nicaragua. The profit amount is more than 3 million dollars.


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