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  • Why are Teak products so popular?

    What is it that makes Teak products so highly sought-after? Keep reading to find out!

  • Investing in Agriculture; Here’s How

    There seems to be a perfect phrase for every situation, and when it comes to Teak, this one is perfect:…

  • children holding young plant in hands

    Creating Generational Wealth With Teak

    Start Now By definition, generational wealth is any kind of asset passed down from one generation to another. This could be in…

  • Two men next to a large teak tree

    Teak And The Question Of Sustainability

    For millennia, humans have been spreading out across the land, converting it to pasture, farmland, plantations, homesteads, and even parking…

  • Panama beach

    Top 11 Reasons to Move to Panama

    Embedded between two continents and two oceans, Panama is tiny in size but big with features. Perfectly packed with geological…

  • Highway leading to Panama City.

    Top 5 Ways to Obtain a Visa in Panama

    For people who want to become full-fledged citizens of Panama, obtaining a permanent residency visa is the first step. Don’t…

  • A cut-down log of wood, representing investing in Panama and its forestry.

    Investing in Panama, its forestry and reforestation

    When you amass enough capital, there’s a single question on your mind — where do you invest it? In today’s…

    Teak Hardwoods Process – 2020

    Teak trees turning 1 year old in July

    Teak Hardwoods Process – 2020

    Teak trees turning 15 year old in July

  • The “Gold” of the Timber Market – Teak

    For centuries, savvy investors and the ultra-wealthy have looked to maintain a diversified financial portfolio, one that spans a variety…

  • An Interview with One of Our Founders

    Recently we sat down and recorded a Q & A with one of the founders of Teak Hardwoods, Mike Cobb.…

  • Investing For The Future

    Many people ponder about what legacy they want to leave of themselves; what they want their family and friends to…

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