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Investing in Agriculture; Here’s How

Investing in Agriculture; Here’s How
June 18, 2021 Mary Rodriguez

There seems to be a perfect phrase for every situation, and when it comes to Teak, this one is perfect: “The best time to plant teak was 25 years ago. The next best time is now.”

Many people who wish to make smart investments may have been told that they can’t go wrong with Agriculture. Land is tangible.   Determining what to produce, whether immediate or over the long term, is perhaps the hardest choice to make. But investing directly in land is almost always a great choice.

Teak is an extremely valuable commodity that is only expected to go up in worth. When seeking to expand personal wealth and securing a multi-generational legacy, a Teak plantation is an excellent strategy. Long-term wealth creation does require patience.  And while it takes 25 years to build a legacy, the return on investment is well worth the time invested.

Even if you feel you waited too long, take heart in the fact that over the years, Teak insiders have been conducting studies to improve on an existing product. Making an investment now means going in armed with decades of knowledge accumulated over centuries of teak plantation management. Growing conditions have been studied to optimize quality timber at harvest. The proper climate, soil type, elevation, rainfall needed and hands-on work required have been determined over the years of Teak plantation growth.

As to the returns on your investment, Teak is a highly valuable commodity used in luxury ships and boats, furniture, construction and more. Making an investment now is a smart and viable choice.

If you still have doubts, look at the way the top wealth strategists invest. Timber has been a mainstay in the extremely wealthy’s portfolio for centuries. Timber allows the wealthy to continuously and stably grow their wealth and protect their future. Generation after generation has reaped the rewards of their ancestor’s prudence and foresight.  Generations to come will do so too.

Just how can you make such an investment and build your wealth legacy? Based on your timeline and goals, you can opt for the youngest possible parcels; or if your timeline is closer, decide to own 15-year-old Teak.

A proper Teak plantation investment will ensure you receive title to your land with ownership of the trees on said land. Depending on the country where you invest, you can also qualify for a Second Residency too. Have these discussions with your property consultant to ensure all questions are answered.

With its superb stability and strength, not to mention its resistance to rot and decay, Teak wood is and will always be an excellent choice in timber. An investment of $7,000 that can turn around and deliver around $96,000 (conservative estimate) every 25 years is well worth the time.


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