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Investing For The Future

Investing For The Future
May 1, 2020 Addison Craig

Many people ponder about what legacy they want to leave of themselves; what they want their family and friends to think of when their name comes to mind. Knowing that you can leave an inheritance to those you care about can ease your mind as you know they will always be taken care of. If you do this then you will never have to worry about there being a point in time where your loved ones suffer or where they have to choose between what they want to do and what they have to do to stay afloat. But how should one go about getting that sense of security?


Where is the best place to invest?

Many people choose to get this security through investing, most people choosing the stock market as their preferred method of investing. The only problem with that is that the stock market can crash, and we have seen that occur multiple times in this century. The issue with investing in stocks is that, yes if it works out the wealth generation can be phenomenal, but if one small intangible thing occurs in the world, your investments can plummet. This is where teak can step in and give true financial security for generations to come. What we have seen through these crashes in the stock market is that teak keeps growing regardless, and it keeps increasing its value; it is a tangible asset that doesn’t fluctuate with the uncertainties of the world. Teak is an asset that gives you the investment growth that isn’t guaranteed by a stock that can change on a whim. Although, this isn’t the right avenue for everyone.


Thinking long-term

To invest in teak, you must be willing to think long-term and to think about more than just what you will have tomorrow; not everyone is cut out for that type of planning. Therefore, an endeavor like this isn’t one for the basic investor, it is for the generational investor, the investor who thinks about a future that occurs past their lifetime. Teak doesn’t get harvested until it’s 25 years old, meaning that most profits won’t be seen immediately. That doesn’t mean that no money will come in, the trees still get thinned periodically throughout their growth cycle, but the lump sum of the investment won’t occur until decades down the line if bought newly planted.  This is the reason as to why an investment in this arena is for the forward-thinking individual, the one who thinks about both their future and their family. But what is it about teak that is generational and not just a one-time long-term investment?


Thinking generationally

What happens when the harvest occurs, the money is made, and the asset doesn’t exist anymore? The answer is simple; more is planted, and the cycle continues. The generational aspect of investing teak is there financially through the fact that your original parcel can be handed down year after year, generation after generation, and a stable income occurs every 25 years for your descendants. Although, the teak investment isn’t only generational on the financial side of things, but as well on the ethical and environmental side. Ownership of teak is part of reforestation efforts; efforts to leave a better planet for those in generations to come. By making sure the parcels get replanted after each harvest and vowing to do so, the health of the environment is considered and therefore, the prosperity of your children, their children, and their children’s children is considered as well.


Leave a legacy

What will you be known for in years to come? By investing in an asset like teak you will always be known for taking care of your family and making sure they are financially secure forever. It will be your investment that generations to come will know they can rely on, and it will all be thanks to you.



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