Start now your teak investment like the top 1%

How to Invest

YOU are the owner of the teak land plus the teak trees on your land.  That means you receive title to your Panama or Nicaragua parcel, forever receiving the benefits of teak reforestation efforts.

Nicaragua offers ¼ acre newborn parcels starting at $6,880 or bundles of 3 for $19,900. Get 5 newborn parcels for $30,050 and qualify for residency. 1-year-old parcels are $7,380, and can be laddered with a newborn parcel for $13,860.

Panama teak has 15-year-old ¼ acre parcels available for $16,880, as well as newborn parcels for $6,880. Bundle 3 newborn parcels for $19,900 or ladder a newborn and 15-year-old parcel for $23,360.

Please contact us for additional information about becoming an owner.