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Creating Generational Wealth With Teak

Creating Generational Wealth With Teak
March 9, 2021 Mary Rodriguez
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By definition, generational wealth is any kind of asset passed down from one generation to another. This could be in the form of cash, stocks, and bonds, homes, entire companies, or most popularly, property. These assets can be leveraged to build even more wealth, leading to the ultimate goal: financial freedom. If you are undecided on how best to build on your legacy, the time to begin is now.

The general concept is easy. If your retirement plan is in place and secure, you’re more than likely seeking to invest in a guaranteed generational business venture. With increasing annual demand, Teak hardwood is a lucrative investment that will yield high returns. It is a 25-year return on investment, but a guaranteed wealth earner as one of the most expensive woods on the market. And it is only increasing in price. 


Teak Is Wealth

The first time I heard of teak and understood its value was during a horseback ride at a lodge. We sat astride gorgeous horses canting down the pathways of the property’s wildland, and our guide pointed to a grove of straight, beautiful trees in rows. “That’s my dad’s 401k plan,” she said.

While the concept of a 401k wasn’t strange, the details eluded me. All I knew was that it meant something upon retirement. Imagine my shock when I heard the guide say that her father planted the plantation many years ago and that it still had over a decade to go for harvesting. I wondered if her father would even benefit from his investment. 

What I didn’t realize is that the smart man may have been thinking of the 401k as a legacy he could pass down to either his daughter or his grandchildren. Nearly 25 years ago, the lodge owner had seen the need to plant teak. 

“The best time to plant teak was 25 years ago. The next best time is now.” That statement is ever so true for those seeking to expand their personal wealth, with an opportunity to have it grow even more for generations to come.

Perhaps you are just learning how valuable a commodity it is, but it won’t be in vain, because Teak can be a multigenerational legacy, and its value can only go up.


A Valuable Commodity You Too Can Invest In
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If the idea of waiting 25 years for a return on your investment seems like a lot, you have to think beyond instant gratification. Long-term wealth, the kind that sets up someone for a great future, takes time. Thinking of a legacy as opposed to individual goals will make the investment worthwhile.

 Centuries of study have enabled Teak plantation owners to optimize growing conditions for the best quality timber upon harvest. Those who own acreage in Teak have, over the years, compiled vast knowledge of proper climate, elevation, rainfall, soil type, and care for the Teak farms.

A favorite for ship and boatbuilding, furniture, exterior construction, curios, and more, the market for Teak is very much an active one. It is highly favored for its superb stability and strength, not to mention its resistance to rot and decay. Its beautiful grain and color also lends itself to the many incarnations it takes on. 25 years is well worth the time to allow it to mature into a superior product that commands top dollar, and takes your $7,000USD investment, and gives you $96,000USD back.


Ask us how you can start building your generational legacy today.


  1. Burt 1 year ago

    25 yrs in human life is a very long time. Half the investors, the Management and the workers are unlikely to be around to answer questions if/when things go wrong. And 25 yrs is more than time enough for things to go wrong. (Murphy didn’t say that but he’d fully agree!)
    There are laws of the land and climate that can change to detriment of this investment. Not to forget all kinds of disease and pestilence that can affect the trees.
    The market for teak wood after 25 yrs could well mirror the market for mink today as compared to 25 yrs back.
    So, a question: Is the investment guaranteed to return $96k? Is the teak planation and allied business insured to assure this return?

    • Author
      Mary Rodriguez 1 year ago

      Hi Burt, these are super valid concerns. Would you mind emailing us at [email protected] – there’s proprietary information that we can share with you to dispel some of these concerns.

  2. Ray Reynolds 1 year ago

    Hi I’m interested in the teak investment for nicaragua with a tiny home included get back to me about that

    • Author
      Mary Rodriguez 1 year ago

      Thank you for your comment – we will have a property consultant get in touch with you about your request!

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