Start now your teak investment like the top 1%

Are You Ready To Invest Like The Top 1 %

Are You Ready To Invest Like The Top 1 %

If the idea of waiting 25 years for a return on your investment seems like a lot, you have to think beyond instant gratification. Long-term wealth, the kind that sets up someone for a great future, takes time. The top 1% has applied this form of thinking to grow their fortunes, protect their future, and leave a legacy for successive generations. If you approach this investment as a legacy and not an individualistic goal, the investment will suddenly seem worthwhile.

Centuries of study have enabled Teak plantation owners to optimize growing conditions for the best quality timber upon harvest. Over the years, those who own acreage in Teak have compiled vast knowledge of proper climate, elevation, rainfall, soil type, and care for the Teak plantations.

Plantation Teak has certain advantages over the natural Teak forests because it is easier and more economical to harvest Teak from the plantation. The popularity of Teak lumber has been steadily increasing over recent years. The supply, however, has not kept pace with the demand and this has led to global shortages of the tree. The North American Hardwood Association reported that there was a 625% percent increase in the price of Teak from 1986-1992. Countries in Central America and Africa with suitable conditions have seen developments of Teak plantations rise in recent years to compensate for the shortage.

By thinking and investing like the Top 1%, you will see that 25 years is well worth the time to allow Teak to mature into a superior product that commands top dollar. It will take your $7,000USD investment and give you $96,000USD back. You are prudent to be taking the first step towards a healthy financial future through ownership of teak. Depending on your investment goals and timeline, Teak Hardwoods has established multiple programs offering a variety of different aged teak for you to consider, including entry-pricing opportunities starting at only $6,880/parcel.


Benefits to Investing:

  1. You receive title to your land with ownership of the trees on your land.
  2. You benefit from tax-deferred growth. Literally, watch your assets grow no matter the economic climate.
  3. You have the option to affordably & easily protect your personal freedom through a second residency in Panama through one of the best programs in the world right now. You only have to visit 1 day every 2 years with the possibility of it leading to a passport.