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  • Panama beach

    Top 11 Reasons to Move to Panama

    Embedded between two continents and two oceans, Panama is tiny in size but big with features. Perfectly packed with geological…

  • Highway leading to Panama City.

    Top 5 Ways to Obtain a Visa in Panama

    For people who want to become full-fledged citizens of Panama, obtaining a permanent residency visa is the first step. Don’t…

  • A cut-down log of wood, representing investing in Panama and its forestry.

    Investing in Panama, its forestry and reforestation

    When you amass enough capital, there’s a single question on your mind — where do you invest it? In today’s…

    Teak Hardwoods Process – 2020

    Teak trees turning 1 year old in July

    Teak Hardwoods Process – 2020

    Teak trees turning 15 year old in July

  • The “Gold” of the Timber Market – Teak

    For centuries, savvy investors and the ultra-wealthy have looked to maintain a diversified financial portfolio, one that spans a variety…

  • An Interview with One of Our Founders

    Recently we sat down and recorded a Q & A with one of the founders of Teak Hardwoods, Mike Cobb.…

  • Investing For The Future

    Many people ponder about what legacy they want to leave of themselves; what they want their family and friends to…

  • Teak Timber Valuable Investment

    How an Investment in Teak Can Offset Your Carbon Footprint

    While not the only source of greenhouse gases (GHG) and carbon dioxide, human activities are a major contributor. Among various…

    Teak Hardwoods Process – 2020

    Teak trees turning 20 year old in July